Selling Your Home

Using to sell your home is the perfect way to sell your home. Our PG Pros are with you every step of the way to try to make your home selling experience as easy and the least stressful experience it can possibly be. Below is our simple step by step process, to get you listed and SOLD!. 

In order for us to list your property on and (MLS® System), we need to learn more about you and your property. You r will need to fill out the following government documents and fill out the following forms.

  • Property Tax Statement
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Passport

You can either send it to, your PGPro’s email or your PGPro can take a picture of it when they are with you.

Your PG Sign ID is located in your welcome email. You can fill
out the below two forms if you like or download the following PDF,
print it, then fill it out and send it back to us at

Or you can fill out the Listing Form Online:

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Your PGPro will immediately and at your convenience set up an appraisal appointment with one of our independent and certified local appraisers. You will receive an email confirming the date and time.

The appraiser will arrive and their visit will typically take 20 – 40 min. Once they have inspected your home they will begin researching market comparables, and create additional modelling to determine the value of your home. From the time they leave your home, it typically takes 3-5 business days to complete their report. 

Your PGPro will send you your home appraisal report and give you a call shortly after to discuss your thoughts.

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Your PGPro will immediately and at your convenience set up an professional photography appointment. Please ensure your home is show ready, remove all clutter, hide personal items. You will receive an email confirming the date and time.

If you are getting photographs and a virtual tour your photographer will take 2-3 hours. If you have errands to run, this is a a great time to do those. Virtual tour camera rotate 360 degrees and it is difficult not to be in the tour, if you are not in the home or on a different floor, it is much easier for everyone.

Read More… is where your listing will be located. When we start working on your listing you will receive an email asking you to verify you email address and set your password. 

Once your listing is ready for your review you will get an email telling you that you have access to your dashboard. PLEASE check your listing for accuracy.

We have lots of helpful tutorials on how login to your account, and view and edit your listing. You can also check out your stats to see how many people are viewing your listing in addition you can check your messages from buyers. Please note, all messages are also emailed to you so you do not need to check your account everyday, unless you want to!

Getting Started:

  1. First things first! Check out you listing…
    • If you have your sign ID enter into the search at or simply type in your address.
    • Look over your listing and make sure there are no mistakes.
  2. Logging in: Once you’ve looked over your listing, you can log in to the website as follows:
    • Look for “Login” in the upper right corner. Once you’ve touched it, make sure to “log in” (not join) and enter your username and password.
  3. Checking your Messages: Once you’ve logged in, it’s time to find your message centre.  We’ll send you a test message so you can see what it looks like. There’s no need to reply, although you are welcome to!Each time you receive a new message, you should be getting an email alert to remind you to log in and check it out.  Some emails (especially Hotmail) will mark these as spam.  We suggest you add and to your contacts list in your email.
    • On a computer or tablet, you’ll see an envelope icon next to your initials once you’ve logged in. Just click on it to go to your message centre.  
    • On your mobile device, once you’ve logged in you’ll see your initial in the upper right.  If you select your initial (just touch it) a drop-down menu will open up. The link to the message centre is there. 


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Share your listing with your friends and family! You can simply copy and paste the link to your listing (above) into a Facebook post, or go to our Fanpage here and find the post for your property and share it.  Remember to follow us on Facebook. 

Help us to build the inventory on our website by referring your friends and neighbours.  The more listings we have, the more traffic we will generate, so we all benefit.  Regular turnover of properties brings the buyers back weekly. And we’ll give you a bonus for referring new clients to us!  

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Once your listing is perfect, we will begin actively promoting it on other platforms.

We will have also created your Hot Properties Magazine and you should be receiving 15 copies soon.  You can hand them out to friends and family, to potential buyers, or leave them in coffee shops, waiting rooms, etc., for added exposure.  You are also able to download a copy from the website should you require more copies.

We will be posted your listing on Kijiji, Twitter and Facebook – be sure to follow us and like our page!  Find the post regarding your listing and share it.  We encourage you to ask family and friends to share it as well for maximum exposure.

We will upload your listing to MLS® / using our brokerage partner, MyMoveRealty. In order to get your property on this platform you will need fill out some standard paperwork. You will receive an email to electronically sign from MyMoveRealty, please sign.  Lastly you will be invited to log into, to review the listing information to ensure it is all correct.It will typically take one week to be active on MLS® / after yoru listing was active on

Read More… will most likely be, via our ContactPro service, receiving booking requests however when you do talk to buyers or buyers agents always answer their questions honestly. Always return their calls in a timely manner (within a few hours). Get a feel for whether they’re just browsing or seriously interested in buying or in the case of an agent have a buyer. A great article on how to speak to buyer agents is here.  We know you have a busy life, so the last thing you need is to be taking calls from every agent that will be calling to try to convince you to list with them.

With private buyers think of this a job interview you want them to give them a good impression of you. Be friendly, courteous, and easy to deal with so they will feel comfortable providing an offer and negotiating with you when the time comes.

Check out, Put Your Buyer Hat On – What Do Buyers Want? 

It’s important to remember that phone calls are not the only measure of how much interest there is in your property. With your listing, you need to think of every online viewing as a virtual showing! You can keep track of the number of viewings when you sign in to your dashboard, select Listings from the blue drop-down menu on the left, choose Edit and then click on the Overview tab.

Follow the below link to view helpful strategies during negotiations whether you are dealing with private buyers or agents.  

If you have a PG Direct Realty Ltd Agent representing you, even better, they will take over all negotiations. They are trained in real estate negotiations and have seen every trick that buyers or agents a likely to pull. You will be in great hands.  

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Once you have accepted a buyer’s offer and sign the “Contract of Purchase & Sale” you have a legally binding contract for the sale of your home. Typically at this stage there are subjects that need to be removed in order for the property to be unconditionally sold.

At this stage the buyer provides the deposit to show their seriousness, but if they have a subject that they could not wave, they will get their deposit back and back out of the sale. Typically they have two weeks to vet the property and their ability the purchase it. All subjects should be waived within two weeks which is standard. Typically subjects are:

  • Financing
  • Inspection
  • Review of Title
  • Review of PDS

At this point the buyer and seller should find a lawyer/notary to prepare and perform the property conveyance.

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To move from conditionally sold to unconditionally sold (Pending) you will receive an addendum to the original Contract of Purchase and Sale you signed. This addendum will remove all the subjects the buyer placed in the Contract of Purchase and Sale. 

Once the sale is unconditional, if the buyer backs out of the sale you as the seller will keep the deposit. It is rare that at this stage the sale does not go through.

All parties, buyer and seller should have a real estate lawyer or notary as this stage to convey the property.

The conveyance process begins, land transfer documents are reviewed and prepared including Title Search, Tax Search, Strata Information Review, Site Survey and/or Title Insurance, Mortgage documents, Seller/Buyer identification, Transaction documents, etc.

The sale will be official on the date of Completion (outlined in the Contract of Purchase and Sale). The date of completion is when conveyance will happen.

The seller’s real estate lawyer will take care of any title searches and verifications. They will also ensure that the title is changed into the buyer’s name upon closing of the sale. The lawyer also handles all the arrangements with the seller’s mortgage holder(s) regarding the final payoffs. 

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